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Employment Transformation Collective

We Work with You to Build and Support Truly Inclusive Workplaces and Businesses

We offer services, solutions, and support that remove workplace barriers to accessibility, so all employees, with and without disabilities, can do their best work.

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Accessibility Partners Service

We provide blind and low-vision employees with customized support in the workplace. Our services remove digital and physical barriers to make meetings, events, data, and documents more accessible for low-vision and blind employees. All employees can use our Help Desk to make documents, events, and other work more accessible.

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Training & Consulting Services

We work with businesses to develop cultures of accommodation, training managers and executives to create inclusive workplaces for people with and without disabilities.

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Customized Options

We work with disabled employees and with employers to customize solutions. Disabled employees get the tools they need to succeed and employers the support to create inclusive and accessible workplaces.

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